The Interdimensional Dumpster

     Have you ever wondered if you were meant for greater things than sitting on a couch playing video games? That's how 12 year old Willie Ford felt until that fateful day his parents told him how he was found in a dumpster 10 years ago.


      The Interdimensional Dumpster follows Willie and his friends as they unknowingly return to that same dumpster. They end up in a strange, yet familiar land and must help save it from an evil king.



     The Interdimensional Dumpster is a 106 page book designed for middle grade readers. It contains over 14,000 words and is broken down into twenty easy to read chapters. It's about kids, video games, and dragons!


     This is the first in a series of books that follow the adventures of Willie Ford and his friends as they travel from dimension to dimension to fulfill their destiny


Cover Art by Marc Lapierre


I would like to thank my friend Marc for creating the cover for me with the hope of someday getting paid.


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